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Butterfly Gorge. Oolloo Road, Douglas Daly

Butterfly Gorge

A spectacular, and in my opinion, a hidden gem in the Northern Territory – make the effort and explore this gorge

The Douglas River has cut a deep, narrow gorge through a low, sandstone plateau. A cathedral-like atmosphere has been created, with towering, shear, cliff-faces of red and yellow rock, which aeons of wet season rain has polished at their base to a smooth, reflective surface.

General Information: Oolloo Road, Douglas Daly

What to Explore in the Douglas Daly Area

·      Tjuwaliyn (Douglas) Hot Springs

·      Butterfly Gorge

·      Douglas River Esplanade Conservation Area (The Arches)

·      Douglas Daly Tourist Park

·      Douglas Daly Research Farm

·      Daly River Esplanade

·      Oolloo Crossing

·      Umbrawarra Gorge.