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General Information: Oolloo Road, Douglas Daly

General Information: Oolloo Road, Douglas Daly

Douglas Daly Region

The Douglas Daly region is readily accessible with heaps to do:

·      Fishing in the Daly River

·      Relaxing in thermal pools

·      Hiking or swimming up Butterfly Gorge

·      Driving off road in your 4x4

·      Bush camping

·      Paid camping and cabins.


Warning: Saltwater crocodiles inhabit both the Douglas and Daly Rivers – please observe the signs regarding safety, and swim at your own risk.


Sandalwood Plantation, Douglas Daly

Sandalwood Plantation, Douglas Daly

What to Explore in the Area

·      Tjuwaliyn (Douglas) Hot Springs

·      Butterfly Gorge

·      Douglas River Esplanade Conservation Area (The Arches)

·      Douglas Daly Tourist Park

·      Douglas Daly Research Farm

·      Daly River Esplanade

·      Oolloo Crossing

·      Umbrawarra Gorge.


Getting There

Make sure you are on the correct road and travelling to the Douglas Daly and not to Daly River. The Douglas Daly and the Daly River are two separate areas only 200km south of Darwin that border on each other. Both areas are accessible via Dorat Road (sealed). Driving south on the Stuart Highway turn off (to the right) just north of Hayes Creek onto Dorat Road; after 5.2km turn off onto Oolloo Road towards the Douglas Daly Experimental Station this will lead to Douglas Daly.

If you wish to visit Daly River then the turn-off that leads to it is 34km along Dorat Road, on the left.

Alternatively, if you wish to visit just Daly River, then turn right onto Dorat Road, about 400m on the right after crossing the Adelaide River Bridge at Adelaide River, and then turn right into Daly River Road after about 28km.

Some of the attractions are accessible by normal vehicle and some require a 4 WD vehicle

Douglas Daly Area 

Douglas Daly Area 

Tjuwaliyn (Douglas) Hot Springs. Oolloo Road, Douglas Daly

Tjuwaliyn (Douglas) Hot Springs. Oolloo Road, Douglas Daly

El Questro: Gibb River Road

El Questro: Gibb River Road