Exploring, traveling, discovering, investigating, adventure, the journey, the expedition, or just a short road trip. If this sounds like the sort of outing that energizes you then you have come to the right place.

This site aims at providing a more in depth look at the countryside around Darwin. To provide a one-stop resource that will give guidance and advise on the local area and provide this information in text, photo and video format. The aim is to get both locals and tourist to experience the freedom, which is on offer in the bush land that makes up the TOP END.  How will we do this? By providing information in detail, not just a superficial account, about how to get there, what to expect and especially WHY or WHAT the main attraction is.

Who will benefit from the site? Anyone who enjoys getting out into the bush, the four-wheel drive enthusiast, fishermen, campers, hikers, hunters, bird watchers, photographers, mountain biking, and those folks just looking for a good picnic spot. Read on and then go out and explore.